Time for Spiritual Warfare

Today, I would like to draw your attention to the Spiritual Warfare series on my YouTube channel – Highway to Holiness – Beth Mehaffey. One reason I have not been posting here very much is because I have felt lead to focus more on developing videos at this time. I hope to be providing links on this written site to keep the two sites connected. Be sure to begin viewing this series with SW 1 – Introduction to Spiritual Warfare.

I have discussed spiritual warfare in past posts, but as the last days are upon us, it is imperative that YHVH’s people better understand the various aspects of spiritual warfare because like many other subjects, there are a few areas where we have been misled on this subject. Also, in the last 30 years or so, there has been quite a learning curve in this area. Believers have been learning new tactics to add to their spiritual warfare arsenal that we should learn about and develop in our lives.

Not everyone is interested in spiritual warfare; this is for a variety of reasons. In fact, I know that many pastors discourage it. They have failed to support people who know they are dealing with serious demonic issues. Many believers would not know what to do if they came face to face with demons. We must be strong and courageous concerning spiritual warfare, and we must find and stand with others who are willing to be strong and courageous in this area too. We must be ready and knowledgeable about this sensitive subject. Once we cleanse and set apart ourselves to YHVH’s service, we can even learn the best way to cast out demons firmly and calmly with YHVH’s authority.

It is important that all believers learn who their spiritual enemies are and how to deal with them. This includes Satan and his demons, witches, the world, and our own flesh. Many people may not ever run into witches, but I think that some people encounter them without ever realizing it. People would be surprised to know they are in their workplaces and even in their churches. So called Christian witches do not hide who or what they are. They are in the churches and are very displeasing to the Father; they believe they can practice witchcraft and be a believer at the same time. They are dangerous because you do not want them laying hands on you, which would result in the transference of demons. They must repent! Other witches have secretly infiltrated the churches to do harm, and they have been doing this for many years. I discuss these various enemies in SW 2 – Our Enemies.

Demons are not just at work in other countries of the world. They are right here in America. They are in every facet of society. They are not only in non-believers outside the churches, but they are dwelling inside believers who are inside the churches too. Do not believe the lie that demons cannot inhabit believers. The Holy Spirit has a designated place within believers where demons cannot dwell, but demons can dwell in other areas of a believer’s body just like wicked people brought their idols into YHVH’s temple in the past. I discuss this in more detail in SW 3 – How Demons Can Inhabit Believers.

We must remove demons from our lives; the reason they can enter people’s lives to stay is because YHVH’s people have opened doorways they never should have opened at some point in time, and they never removed the legal rights of demons to stay there. Believers fail to understand that curses from YHVH and curses from Satan exist in their lives due to personal and generational sin. Everyone must renounce personal and generational sins, and they must break the resulting curses and ungodly soul ties in their lives. We often overlook this when a person comes to faith in Yeshua. I explain the two major sources of curses and walk people through a personal deliverance process in SW 5 – Curses. A great YouTube example of deliverance that involves renouncing generational sin is Sisters Set Free from Demons. This is one of many deliverance videos begin posted by a Christian Apostle named Kathryn Krick. For someone who has never seen anything like this before, it is quite educational!

It is time for witches to come to Yeshua. For independent witches, this is not much of a danger. However, for witches who are part of covens, doing so has put them at risk of being the next sacrifice. Leaving witchcraft has always been risky, but we must pray for witches to be bold and courageous and come to Yeshua before it is too late. I have decreed and declared that now is the time for witches to come to Yeshua Messiah without fear of retaliation and retribution.

All believers should become familiar with the armor of YHVH. For some believers, their spiritual armor is faulty and ineffective. Everyone should understand how to be fully set-apart to YHVH and His service, learn how to put on their armor, and how to wage spiritual warfare using several effective keys of spiritual warfare. We must understand that demons have armor too, which is opposite of that of YHVH’s people. We must also become aware of the variety of tactics that Satan and his demons use to defeat YHVH’s people and how to respond to it. I discuss this in SW 4 – Spiritual Armor and further in SW 6 – Standing Against the Enemy’s Schemes.

In these last days, things must change. We must cleanse ourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to equipped and empower us to stand against the schemes of the enemy. We must effectively pray for ourselves, our families and friends, our nation, and the rest of the world. We must tear down spiritual altars that we have erected in our lives. We must come against our enemies’ plans to steal, kill, and destroy. We must pave the way for people to come to Yeshua during this last harvest season before Messiah’s return.

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  1. Thank you Beth. We will look at all this. We appreciate your time in putting this together. We certainly do understand we are fighting against evil and that it is important to be a warrior at this time. We are right there with you Beth. May YHVH bless you.


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