Other Stuff

There is some other stuff that I’d like to share with you.  Bible codes, and fun projects based on what’s found in Scripture.††

Gnosticism — An abbreviated version of this presentation was presented at Feast of Tabernacles of Virginia at Small’s Country Campground in 2019. This full version covers the Valentinian form of Gnosticism described in “Against Heresies.” It introduces the early church father, Irenaeus; defines heresy; introduces the concepts of Gnosticism; shows how Irenaeus responded to Christian Gnostics; and talks about how we can identify false teachings and deal with differences in interpretation of Scripture in the assembly. Last edited 10/16/19.



Mysteries of the Levitical Offerings can be purchased at https://fastpencil.com/products/LSBVMJYLUUOL

Who is Kúrios?  This presentation was compiled for House of David Fellowship and presented 2/6/16.  Last edited 2/8/16.

Atonement C9M

Do you question that Yeshua was a substitutionary sacrifice?  Did He really fulfill the Levitical sacrifices?  Check out this Bible code and corresponding report.  Click TWICE (pause between clicks) to fully enlarge.  Last edited 9/2/15.

Atonement C9R

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