Biblical Hebrew Lessons


Here are some free Biblical Hebrew Lessons to view and download.  Obviously, this will be a work in progress.  If you download them, be sure to come back from time to time to make sure you have the most recent version in the event I find and correct any errors.  For now, just click on the following links:

  •  Overview of Biblical Hebrew This is an overview of Biblical Hebrew.  It is not necessarily meant to teach you the actual concepts, but to give you a broad overview of what will be taught in the following lessons.  Last edited 10/6/16
  • Aleph-Bet including vowels.  Last edited 10/6/16
  • Alef Bet Hebrew cards. Last edited 6/25/17.  Made in Word for Avery Name Badges Insert Refills, 2.22″ H X 3.5″ W. Print first 4 pages, flip and print last 4 pages so that the names of the letters will be on the back of your cards. These are done in Word Art so they can be colored. If you prefer cards that are 2 3/4″ X 4 1/4″, try these Custom Alef Bet Cards.
  • Aleph Bet Practice Sheets The first few pages contain enlarged letters followed by a few pages with smaller letters.  Just practice writing them from the right side of the page to the left because that’s how you will read Hebrew.
  • Sesame Aleph Bet Song on You Tube –>    You need to memorize your aleph-bet so you can look up words in a traditional Lexicon.  This song makes memorization fun and easy.  Just repeat what they sing during the pauses!
  • Syllabification – This will give you the ability to start reading Hebrew!  This now includes information on the missing vowel of the sacred name as well as variations in spelling of the sacred name.  Last edited 8/29/15.
  • To download a pdf called The Masoretic Hebrew Accents in
    Translation and Interpretation by William D. Barrick, Th.D. go to This seems to have good information for beginners on using the Masoretic accents to rightly divide the Word.  Initially, we will overlook these and focus on other basics; however, this should not be overlooked.  They are not included in all of my examples from the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Nouns Last edited 5/6/15
  • Definiteness  Last edited 5/5/15
  • Conjunctive Vav Last edited 5/4/15
  • Prepositions Last edited 5/5/15
  • Adjectives Last edited 5/6/15
  • Independent Personal Pronouns Last edited 5/6/15
  • Demonstratives Last edited 5/6/15
  • Interrogatives Last edited 5/8/15
  • Dependent Clauses Last edited 9/6/15
  • Pronominal Suffixes Last edited 5/6/15
  • Construct Chains Last edited 7/24/15
  • Particles Last edited 5/19/15
  • Cardinal Numbers Last edited 10/28/15
  • Ordinal Numbers Last edited 10/25/15
  • Verbs more to come

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to make these free Biblical Hebrew lessons better.


    1. I still haven’t gotten around to putting my stuff together, although I have some in various places. Since that is the case, let me recommend the following links which should be helpful to you:

      Click to access verban.pdf

      Click to access weakverbs.pdf


      1. thank you so much for your response and the presentations. This is so so good. DO you have any other presentations on Hebrew apart from these? I am really enjoying your work a lot.


  1. What I have here, with the exception of weak verbs, is pretty much a full outline/introduction to Hebrew. You now need to build on this by reading the text and identifying what you’ve learned. You should also consider a formal course to pick up details I’ve left out. Have you been to yet? Charles Grebe has a ton of stuff including great video lessons for each chapter of the book: Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross. Charles is now redoing his entire site so this may not be available at the moment; however, at one point, he was moving stuff to U-tube so you can find about 40 lessons there. Check for the first one. I think the Shockwave platform or whatever they were originally done in had become a thing of the past. I have handwritten notes of these videos done in pencil, so scanning isn’t that great of an option.Eventually, I hope to digitize these a some point. I don’t have this particular book, I have another seminary level book by Page Kelley that I DO NOT recommend for beginners. It would make you give up before you got started. Charles also has notes for corrections for Ross’ book. Once you are reading Hebrew a bit, you might consider joining his reading group. You could probably come and just listen to others read until you feel ready to give it a try yourself. Contact Charles about that too. We aren’t experts. We are a group of people from all over the world who are at various reading and interpreting levels. We are just building on what we’ve been learning over the years. We are in a virtual classroom using Firestorm in a virtual land called Eretz Tova (Good Land). If you still don’t feel you are ready for a seminary level course, try Learn Biblical Hebrew by John Dobson (who is now deceased). It comes with a CD, but he speaks with a British accent. Charles really does a great job though, I’m sure you can handle it. Besides, Charles is still alive to email if necessary.


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