Photos – Israel 2016

My trip to Israel was full of activity. Not all of my excursions are pictured here, but here are some of the highlights. (Descriptions are written below each set of photos.)

We enjoyed camel riding at Nokdim. There we learned from a Bedouin that not much of their culture has changed since the since the days of Abraham. We had a wonderful meal and slept in open quarters.

We had the opportunity to ride jeeps and walk in the Negev and see what a dry wadi looks like and just how hot it can be — VERY!!

Ein Sheva (Tabgha) is where the multiplication of the fishes is believed to have taken place, as well as one of the locations where Yeshua appeared to his disciples after his resurrection.

We went to the Dead Sea. The sand was so hot you could burn your feet. The water was extremely warm, and we were able to give ourselves a mud treatment.

This is the synagogue at Capharnaum.

Here at Burial Caves of Bet She’arim in Lower Galilee there are more than 30 burial caves with  inscriptions in Hebrew, Aramaic, Palmyran and Greek.  Decorations include Jewish symbols such as the 7 species, menorah, lulav, etrog, censer, shofar, and Ark of the Covenant.

We went to Herodium National Park. The reception hall  eventually served as a synagogue as early as the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans (66-71CE).  It was also used as a synagogue during the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135/6 CE). The mikveh was probably used during the Bar Kokhba Revolt as well.

The acropolis of Gamla is on the left. The Hebrew word “gamal” means camel.  The hill of Gamla is shaped like the hump of a camel. The city of Gamla , located in the southern part of the Golan, was conquered by the Romans in 67 CE.  It’s known as the “Masada of the Galilee” because many committed suicide there during the attack. On the right is a zoomed photo of the synagogue at Gamla.

I planted an oak tree at the Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Tree Planting Center; Neot Kedumim. While I was there, I saw all kinds of trees and plants. I crushed some olives in an olive press, drew water from a cistern, saw how phylacteries were made, and watched a scribe copy Torah.

I have over 600 pictures from my trip, so I will close with this miscellaneous grouping. From a secret underground bullet factory, to sites in Jaffa, to museums and synagogue, and wineries — the list goes on. It was truly a historical trip, and I wish I can return at some point in the future.

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