Salvation – From Genesis to Revelation

Welcome to the salvation series entitled Salvation – From Genesis to Revelation.

Back in September of 2016, God led me to study salvation as it was presented throughout the entire Bible. There were at least a couple of reasons for this. One was that I was hearing murmurings of the idea that the concept of “Christian salvation” (being saved from one’s sins) did not have its origins in the Tanakh. In other words, it was a new idea. The other was that salvation in the Apostolic Scriptures was only a future thing.

At the time, I had no idea that it would grow into a four-part series. Originally, I presented them online as individual posts, but as I’m progressing in other areas of study, God has put it on my heart to take time to convert them to PowerPoint, which are now available in PDF format.

Salvation — From Genesis to Revelation, Part 1 — In this first presentation, we look at the history of salvation in the Scriptures, as well as various agents of salvation found therein. We also see that people were saved from their enemies and eventually from their own sins, which were leading them on a path of destruction and death. Last edited 2/29/2020.

Salvation — From Genesis to Revelation, Part 2 — The second presentation picks up where part one leaves off. After some review, we look at how the kind of salvation Yeshua made possible in the gospels is related to salvation in the Tanakh. In addition, we look at the various Greek tenses of the verb for “save” as it pertains to various verses in the Apostolic Scriptures, so we can see the truth concerning salvation’s timing. Last edited 2/29/2020.

Salvation — From Genesis to Revelation, Part 3 — In the third presentation, we see that what Yeshua did for us follows the pattern of Passover and that we must respond to His work of salvation. We see that there is a definite relationship between salvation and covenantal living. We see that the righteousness of the law and the righteousness of faith mentioned by Paul in Romans 10:1-13 are the same thing — not something different as has been propagated for centuries. We see that the way Rahab entered the covenant is the same way Jews and Gentiles are grafted into YHVH’s covenant. We also see that the chiasm of Psalm 118:14-29 demonstrates that salvation is a work of YHVH and that Yeshua, the Arm of YHVH, is the means by which we enter YHVH’s covenant. Last edited 2/29/2020.

Salvation — From Genesis to Revelation, Part 4 — In this final presentation, we look at the following patterns related to salvation, which show a continuity between the Tanakh and Apostolic Scriptures: Preservation of a Remnant; Messiah and Anti-Messiah; The Establishment of Messiah’s Reign; The Establishment of the Kingdom of God; and Slain from the Foundation of the World. Last edited 2/29/2020.