Patterns In Scripture

Looking at thematic patterns is an essential but advanced tool for Bible study.

Before mastering these, it is necessary to understand what parallels, chiasms/concentric structures are.

Chiasmi in Scripture  is a useful introductory presentation for this topic.  Last edited 2/9/21. You Tube Link

Parallels in Scripture is another useful introductory presentation for this topic. Last edited 2/10/21. You Tube Link

Download Patterns in Scripture to understand what a thematic pattern is and how to examine them. Last edited 4/22/2021. You Tube Link

The Following are examples of thematic patterns:

Did Moses murder the Egyptian or did YHVH give him into Moses Hand? See  Moses Defense . This was the original to the Pattern of Moses developed above. Last edited 5/24/15.

The Shadow of Phinehas Converted to video 7/31/22.

Ezra and Nehemiah Here is a Bible study of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Last edited 2/23/19.  Take time to look at the thematic parallels I see so far between Nehemiah and President Donald Trump! Thematic Parallels of Nehemiah and President Trump Last edited 2/23/19.

What does Esther, Moses, Daniel, and Yeshua have in common with Zechariah and Revelation? It’s a pattern worth looking at. With Esther as a backdrop, this is a Bible study that will make you see the broad picture of what’s to be expected. Esther A Picture of the Bride of Messiah Last edited 5/24/15

Have the various interpretations of eschatology got you confused?  The beast of Revelation parallels not only the little horn of Daniel, but also Ben-Hadad of Syria and Hitler.  See Rise and Fall of Nations Last edited 5/25/15.

Be sure to see the New Moon Series under the Teachings tab. The first presentation The New Moon’s Significance is based on thematic pattern analysis. Last edited 5/14/19 .



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