Meet Beth

Beth is a daughter of YHVH who has been grafted into the olive tree of Israel.  She is married and has two boys.  She enjoys studying the Scripture intensively from a Hebraic Roots perspective using thematic connections (parallels) found in Scripture.  Her passion is prophecy.

Beth has had some formal seminary training but has learned much outside of seminary.  She has strong giftings in analyzing things and hopes to share with you what she is seeing in Scripture.  She does not claim or assume her own authority; she encourages you to test everything.  She is in a constant state of learning.  Even after a number of years of Torah observance, she still discovers error in what she has previously learned.  As she encounters the debates of the Torah observant community, she tests those teachings and decides what is correct based on information at her disposal.  When new information becomes available, she may change her position on a particular topic.

Her goal is to guide believers in Yeshua to the ancient path and to encourage and challenge them to stay on it.


  1. I was wondering if you would email me so we can dialogue about some things and keep in touch. ( I’ve recently started getting back to Hebrew roots teachings and I have lots of questions one being which type of software should I use for bible study?

    My dad is a Messianic pastor but I could never attend services due to my job so I didn’t learn much. Since then I moved away, went to a few “regular” Christian churches but didn’t stay because most everything they taught was false. Now, I found a family who started a congregation in their home and I’ve learned a lot but really, they are new too. They had their own church (pentacostal) and came out of that realizing the error in their teachings and now teach from a Hebraic perspective but they’re learning too. So we’re all a bunch of newbies trying to follow Torah as best as we can according to our understanding. So I would like to talk with you about some things because I want to learn all I can and I am especially interested in prophecy. Can you email me? Thank you – carol


  2. I know that no one knows who the Anti-christ is right now, but who do you think comes the closest right now? I’ve bee keeping an eye on Tony Blair since 2007.


    1. Personally, I do not think Tony Blair is the Anti-Christ. I think we’re still several years away from being able to suspect who the ultimate Anti-Christ or False Prophet might be. I do suspect that he will be very tall and stand head and shoulders above other men like Saul did (1 Samuel 9:2, 10:23; Dan. 7:20). Lawlessness behavior will be his hallmark but this doesn’t help much since so many are lawless these days. My personal opinion is that he will eventually make a triumphal entry into Jerusalem in similar fashion to how Yeshua did at 33 years of age (in the middle of the final shavuah around Nisan 10th) but I think we can begin to suspect who he is about 3 1/2 years prior to that. He will probably be counterfeiting Yeshua’s life in many ways so the evidence of miracles should be no surprise. No one I know of is doing miracles at this point. I see a world leader coming from the west as being the leader of Babylon the Great (most likely the New World Order) but I will NOT be equating this man with the Anti-Christ who WILL eventually lead the destruction of Babylon the Great with the help of the nations who follow him (Revelation 17:16). I see the False Prophet as coming from the EAST and NOT the west. I know this idea is in opposition to many prophecy scholars but this is how I read and interpret the Scriptures at this point in time. I think Egypt is still the “kingdom of the south” who will be battling with the “kingdom of the north” (where the Anti-Christ comes from) so we need to keep an eye on what happens between Egypt and the rest of the middle eastern nations–particularly those nations that once were part of the original territory of the kingdom of the north. I think he’ll be of Syrian-Greek descent and yes, I’m aware that the British royal family has those roots as do some American leaders. This only complicates matters a bit but I suspect one of them may lead Babylon the Great. Perhaps we can start wondering who the Anti-Christ might be in another 10 years or so. If we’re following a Biblical pattern and if he’s counterfeiting Yeshua’s life, I suspect he’s probably about 20 years old right now. On the other hand if my calculations and interpretation of Scripture are not correct, I’ve totally missed the mark.


      1. I suspect king of the south is Egypt and Sunnis and king of the north Iran and Shiites. I believe Iran is afraid to attack Israel because if Shiites are weakened Sunnis could wipe them out. If they attack Israel, Israel will nuke them. Mohammad predicted only one sect would survive and be the caliphate and mahadi (something like that). Once the king of the north has some success against the king of the south I be;live he will be puffed up and turn on Israel. That’s how I suspect it is.

        The fig trees and other trees are — fig tree= tree of knowledge of good and evil (perhaps in part related to Israel). Other trees would be the flood and the law. You can check out my website if you are interested to learn more. There is very little on it but it’s interesting.

        I’m becoming aware of things about myself that are not good. I wish I could do more but I need to resolve some issues.


      2. It’s hard to say with certainty how things will play out between the Sunnis and Shiites. You may be right. I don’t know. It’s also possible that the North and South might not be their original historical and geographical identities, although I tend to lean toward that. I’m trying to keep my options open so I don’t miss anything.

        The prophecies we have are shadows. Their patterns aren’t revealing enough. Things don’t have to go exactly according to the patterns of the past; there can be opposition where Scripture isn’t specific. The elements will be there but we still have a shadow.

        I do think the Scarlet beast is Islamic. Their eschatology seems as if it will mesh with Scripture. Their Issa could be the false prophet and the Mahdi could be the beast.

        It appears the Catholic pope is now somewhat supportive of Islam. I’m not sure where this will lead at this early stage. The harlot, Babylon the Great (West) and the Scarlet Beast (East) have a relationship at first until the beast destroys the harlot.

        I can say nothing about the trees. Whenever I make comparisons, it is according to set patterns in Scripture or when Scripture interprets/identifies itself. I know of nothing that confirms what you are suggesting.


      3. This is from my website where I get the idea of the other trees. If I have time later I can explain why i see the fig tree’s relation to the tree of knowledge … Here is the key points touched on I call the “other trees” so you can see for yourself.

        Forward Key Events

        1) The Garden of Eden — Adam and Eve were judged by the tree “of knowledge of good and evil”. Cherubims and a flaming sword (time?) which turned every way kept mankind from going back to eat of the tree of life.
        2) The Flood of Noah’s Ark — It rained 40 days. After a 40 day period a dove and raven were sent up from the ark. The rainbow shows that we will not be judged by water again.
        3) The Law and Israel — Israel was freed from Egypt and given the Law through Mose “Christ is the end of the law”

        The N.T. story of Jesus’ life mirrors, follows chronologically reversed, the above summarized OT events.

        Backward Key Events

        How They Relate To Forward Key Events
        3) The Law
        In the NT Jesus and his parents kept Torah law Before he was 2 they fled to Egypt to avoid death of their 1st born (Kept the law — then fled to Egypt)
        In the OT Israel fled from Egypt after the death of Egypt’s first born. Before 2 (may be before 1) years they were given the law at Sinai. (Fled Egypt — then given the law)
        “The Last Supper” was about Passover. The death of the 1st born is what the Passover supper is named for. The angel of death passed over the houses of Israel but killed the first born of the Egyptians. This story begins near the first Passover and ends near the last supper Passover.

        2) The Flood
        In the OT It rained 40 days. A dove and raven were sent up from Noah’s Ark after another 40 day period. (Rain 40 days — Dove and Raven go up)
        In the NT Jesus was baptized by John. The spirit of God descended on Jesus like a dove. He went into the wilderness 40 days.
        The dove = the spirit God.
        The raven = the spirit of Elijah.
        The word translated “Raven” occurs 10 times in the Old Testament. I relate 3 of them to John through Elijah. Elijah was fed by ravens (1 Kings 17:6). Elijah was to turn the heart of the fathers to the children and visa versa (Malachi 4:6). The eye that mocks at his father and despises to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out (Proverbs 30:17). Jesus said that If you care to believe it John is the Elijah to come (Matthew 11:14). Hence John’s baptism has something to do with a raven.

        [note 1 (scripture references outside the strict chronology of Moses to Adam):
        Matthew 4:4, 7 & 10 is paralleled in reverse by Deuteronomy 8:3; 6:16 & 6:13

        Matthew 4:4 Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Deuteronomy 8:3 Man does not live by bread only, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD …

        Matthew 4:7 You shall not tempt the LORD thy God.
        Deuteronomy 6:16 You shall not tempt the LORD thy God,

        Matthew 4:10 Thou shalt worship the LORD thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
        Deuteronomy 6:13 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve him, and shalt swear by his name.

        Note: The backward walk goes from before the giving the law of Moses in Exodus to the beginning of Genesis (Romans 5:14 “Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses,” … ) and, I believe, into Revelations. The above further evidence is outside the thread of the Gospel in reverse from Exodus to Genesis. It’s in reverse but in Deuteronomy. I don’t know why yet but I wonder about it]

        1) The Garden of Eden
        Jesus went backward before the flood to the garden of Eden.

        [note 2 (this scripture reference is outside the strict chronology of Moses to Adam):
        It says in Deuteronomy 30:6 The LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your seed to love the LORD your God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that you may live.
        We can be alive without a circumcised heart. In order to “live” one must eat of the tree of life which is in the garden of Eden.]

        Genesis 3:24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

        The angel of death that passed over the Israeli homes on the Jewish holiday of Passover is, I believe, the Cherubim and sword guarding Eden. I suspect the flaming sword going every way is also symbolic of time as you would have to go back in time to find Eden since it does not physically exist today to my knowledge. Einstein showed the faster something goes the slower time gets. It doesn’t matter what direction you go – “every way”. Jesus takes us to the Eden of God.

        The Last Supper
        The last supper of Jesus was the Passover supper. The angel of death passed over when it saw the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. (119 ministries disagrees but I don’t see how it could be otherwise)
        On Passover Jesus and his disciples revisit the original scene in Eden in reverse. Jesus is the 2nd/last Adam The disciples – the bride of Christ. Judas “One of you is a devil” (Jesus said of Judas)
        In the OT Eve gave to Adam to eat to forget our creator.
        In the NT Jesus gave to his disciples eat in remembrance of him.

        OT – Where were Adam and Eve before they ate? In a garden (Eden) being tempted.
        NT – Where were Christ and the disciples after they ate? In a garden (Gethsemane) during their time of temptation.
        note – Gethsemane was on or near the Mount of Olives. The olive tree to many is symbolic of the tree of life, “I’ll live” or O’ live” may be carryover to English “olive”.

        The Bride
        OT Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed before they ate of the tree.
        NT Messiah was crucified naked and despised the shame of being hung on a tree.
        Jesus went back before Eve was formed.
        OT Adam was put into a deep sleep. His side was opened. A helps meet was made for him from his side.
        NT Christ was put into a deep sleep, death. His side was opened. Water and blood came out. The bride of Christ is the witness on earth with the spirit, water and blood.

        The Alpha and Omega
        The Beginning Meets The End
        One must be born again. In Christ, our creator takes us to heavenly places but there was a battle in heaven. He takes us back to the beginning and where are we? At the end of the scripture. “Revelations” is the description of that battle. In the beginning of Genesis and at the end of Revelation we have a new creation. This is where the beginning meets the end.

        Copyright © Douglas Ribot 1986-2016 all rights reserved


  3. Beth,

    Thank you for your prompt response. Your view is a very interesting view and it does make you think. Well, I have several reasons why I believe it could be Tony Blair or at least a Brit in the future, who may be similar to him. In 2007, I never really paid much attention to Tony Blair until I saw him on the front page of Yahoo News posing with the Pope. The article read, “Tony Blair Converts to Catholicism.” I knew that he was a Brit and the Mid-East Peace Envoy, but until that day I never paid it much mind. In a separate article on the same page, I noticed a Ram with two horns next to a woman. I opened the Ram article after reading the Blair Converts article, and it said that Muslims were celebrating when Ishmael was offered up as a sacrifice to God. I remember the first thing I thought was, “that’s false, “it was Issac. Then I look back up at the Blair article and the next thing that came to mind was, FALSE. Then I remembered what the Word said about the Antichrist having two horns and that the False Prophet was the little horn. Prior to that, I had never had any outside influences pointing me to him. So I’ve been watching him for a while. Another reason I believe this is because the Bible says that the antichrist system will be made up of the Bear, the Leopard, and that Mouth of the Lion in the Book of Revelation. I do believe that the Bear is something that we at least can agree upon as being Russia. The Leopard I believe is Germany, especially since they are the strongest in the EU right now. Leopards are pound per pound, the strongest big cat over all the rest. They are able to hoist twice there bodyweight up a tree. Germany is the main body of the EU with the French fowl wings on its back according to Daniel 7:6. France, who’s national animal is the rooster, is the number two nation in the EU, established a treaty with Germany called the Franco-German Alliance. They are also known as twin engines. Germany is the one carrying the weaker EU nations right now, which is why they are truly the ones calling most of the shots. They also are well known for their military powerhouse of a tank, called the Leopard which is sold to most EU nations today. It goes on to say that the beast had the mouth of a lion. This also is an easy one which I think we may agree upon. We know that Great Britain is known as the lion because it’s there national symbol as well. America is the Eagle whose wings were clipped from the Lion according to the book of Daniel. Some would even say that we are one of the young lions but not the Lion itself. I look at the fact that the Mid-East Quartet is made up of Russia (feet) EU (Germany the body), Tony Blair (the Brit) as the Spokesman (Mouth). The United Nations (who represents all nations) and the United States, who many believe will eventually bow out or will be greatly weakened to the effect that we will not be much of a player. Now Great Britain is also known as part of the Big three. This can be verified through many periodicals and news articles online. Now back to the Man of Sin. The bible says that the Antichrist will not be given the honor of the Kingdom initially, but he will come in peaceably and will obtain it by flatteries. Tony Blair was the heavyweight contender (More Stout than his fellows..Dan 7:20) for the first EU Council President job in 2009 when the Lisbon Treaty was adopted, but many EU nations felt threatened by his popularity and stature (Size) and some were upset at him over the Iraq war still. Speaking of war, he is known to have been apart of more wars than most leaders of our time. Take this scripture for instance He will honor the god of forces), of course I believe that forces is a two fold meaning. Therefore the Kingdom was not given to him but instead it was given to a less imposing figure who is Belgian, Herman Van Rompuy. Tony Blair recently made news again at the latter part of last year when he called for an elected President of Europe which many viewed as a pitch for himself. He is also believed to be working behind the scene making his case for the Job. Some also read this as him wanting to combine the European Commission Presidency position along with the European Council Presidency job as one making it the President of Europe. With Tony Blair already in position as the Mid-East Peace envoy for the Quartet, it looks like He is setting himself up to be that “man of sin.” I could be wrong myself, but I guess time will tell. Thanks for the Dialog. Below are some good Articles that also helped me form my opinion.


    1. I tend to follow a Daniel’s historical approach when identifying the beast of Revelation. Personally, I think the main thing is not to get locked into one viewpoint so that I’m able to zoom in for closer looks when things grab my attention. My eschatological views have shifted slightly over the years as my knowledge and understanding increases. I think it is safer to remain as generic as possible so I can keep seeing the big picture. I recommend Joel Richardson’s book called Mideast Beast as something to consider.


  4. Beth, I truly respect your knowledge and insight, and will keep it in mind for future events. Thank you for your courtesy and quick response.


  5. Shalom Sis Beth
    It was a divine appointment that I discover this blog. I thought I was the only one was thinking and speaking like this since I started taking the Ancient Path and saying YESHUA after 3 years now. My life have been different (persecution and rejects) since I started this path and I will never go back to the Babylon system again. The LORD GOD started this Journey in me to return to the Real Truth of His Word. I have discovered that we have been taught wrong doctrines which is leaving others on the path of destruction. I repented and ask the LORD to teach the real Truth of His Word and it start at the Beginning of the first five books. If we don’t understand the Beginning of His Word, we are going to missed in the between and the end of His Word. The only true doctrine is the Word of GOD, period! Amen 😃
    GOD bless you Sis Beth, I love the insight that the LORD has bless you with and I will be visiting more often to see what LORD is saying to you.


    1. I think we all experience persecution and rejection as we walk this path. I still try to share with those who might listen to me although it has caused me problems. That’s partly why this blog is here; it’s for those who will slow down, consider, and listen. There’s a lot of wrong doctrine and debates going on in the real world even among those in the Hebraic Roots movement. Walk carefully and test everything. I do my best to do this; but, that’s been known to get me in trouble too. Watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing; they often have a Jezebel spirit and can tear you to pieces in the name of righteousness. I’m convinced we will constantly be examining and changing our understanding as knowledge increases. I just want to get as close to the truth as I can so I can be as obedient as possible. I’ve slowed down a bit on posting but there’s plenty here to browse between new posts. I’m willing to be here for you if you need to vent, share, etc. as you walk this path.


  6. Do women need to ask her husband to fast? According to Torah how does a women go about doing it If Adonai putsit upon your heart to do so


    1. Torah does not indicate that a woman needs to ask permission from her husband to do anything. If he requires it, she may be in a controlling, manipulative, and/or abusive situation. Before planning something on your own, consider whether or not there might be a scheduling conflict or other potential problem first. Of course, you would not want to do anything that would adversely impact family life or monthly finances. Develop personal healthy boundaries in your marriage if this is an on-going problem.

      The closest thing we have to a woman asking permission to do something from her husband in Torah is when a woman has already made a vow (Numbers 30:6-15) A husband can over-rule the vow of his wife the day he hears of it; if he doesn’t, her vow stands; if he does, he bears the guilt of her unfulfilled vow.

      The Proverbs 31 woman does a great variety of things and no where does it say she sought her husband’s permission to do it. Her husband trusts her. Go read it. It’s liberating.

      If God is leading you to fast, set aside a time frame that you feel is appropriate. Before you fast, read some articles on fasting so you know your various fasting options and what to expect. Determine if you are healthy enough for a fast. Choose the kind of fast you want to do that is appropriate for your current state of health. Do it safely. During your fast, read a book on fasting. Read Scripture,pray, or do something when you are hungry. If you have certain burdens or petitions, write them down and give them to the Father during your fast. Jot down any answered prayers. Don’t expect your family to fast with you. Prepare what you would normally prepare for them to eat, and let them eat as usual.


  7. Thank U so much! Shalom to U and your family 🙂 What about in the letters of The Netzarim? 1 Corinthians 7:5 is this referring when the woman is on her period?


    1. This is quite likely; it’s also possible it refers to an agreed upon period of time unrelated to the time of menses. I don’t think there is enough information there to elaborate further; however, it certainly would be an excellent time to fast and pray without having to agree on a mutually agreeable time to abstain from sexual relations since this is normally a time period of separation from intercourse.


  8. @Holyhiway or Beth: In an article on Highway to Holiness it talks about The Woman’s Purification After Childbirth and I have a question. It says in the article Leviticus 12 explains”…..During that time, she may not touch anything sacred….” My question is, and I hope you don’t think it frivolous, did Mary touch Jesus to feed Him, change His diaper, bathe Him, comfort Him when He cried? I mean Jesus was surely sacred. Or was there a wet nurse who helped Joseph take care of Jesus during those 40 days? Is there any writings about this?


    1. Your question is not frivolous. I do not know of any writings to that effect. The word we are interested in here is qodesh – holy, dedicated, set-apart. I think Leviticus 12:4 is referring more to holy, sacred things. Specifically, unclean women are to avoid transmitting uncleanness to these holy objects. Yeshua (Jesus) would probably not have been qodesh until he had been dedicated at the temple; yet Scripture is clear he had contracted uncleanness from time to time during His life (i.e. the woman with a flow of blood; contact with the dead; and contact with lepers). Luke 2:27 does not specifically say Mary handed him to Simeon at the temple; it says his parents brought him in so the law could be fulfilled. There is no mention of a wet nurse or anyone else at the temple, nor at or shortly after his birth. I think if it were that important, it would have been mentioned. Obviously, Yeshua’s physical and psychological needs had to be met after His birth and that was best done by His mother. I fear we lose sight of Yeshua’s humanity and think of Him walking around with a halo. There is not doubt He is the Word, the image of the unseen God. Ever since He was a baby, He was dedicated/set-apart for the mission He came to earth for. Try to think of Him that way in terms of qodesh. Remember, during His human life, He interacted with people by touching them, crying with them, teaching them, showing them compassion, etc. We see His deity more in terms of his authority, power, and judgment.


      1. Thank you for the speedy reply. What you said made me think of something. When Mary told Him about the wine problem at the wedding at Canaan Jesus replied with, What has this to do with Me? And also He said It is not My time. Some say He meant that He wasn’t the best man and it wasn’t His duty to provide the wine and some say He was telling Mary He didn’t have the authority to perform miracles yet. Could this be an indication that while He was the Son of God He was human up until He was given the authority to use His powers? And if that’s the case, it answers my question too. This mirrors the last sentence in your reply I think. Again thank you for the enlightenment.


  9. I think Yeshua was always human; yet at times, He demonstrates His deity as He used the authority and power that was given to Him by the Father as His Father directed Him. I see it as a simultaneous kind of thing. We have to come to terms with Deut. 6:4 (God is one) and Isaiah 45:21 (YHVH is God and there is no other). The Father and the Son are either somehow one, or they are separate. There is a debate over this; I see the views of both views based on Scripture. To me, the Son is the physical/human manifestation of the Father, who is The Holy Spirit. It’s as if Yeshua’s body is the physical temple that the Father dwells in and operates through; this would be just like the physical temple/tabernacle where God dwelt plus the human High Priest who communicated with God then went out to the people. The main difference is that Yeshua was sinless whereas ordinary humans are not. (BTW, based on John 4:24 – If God is already Spirit, why should there be a separate “Holy Spirit”? The Father is already holy.) It doesn’t bother me if people don’t agree on Scripture interpretation… the Jews rarely agree. God will eventually set us straight if we are wrong…He has a lot of explaining to do as it is… The main thing is that we study and test everything that’s been passed down for centuries as well as newer stuff that’s circulating now.


  10. Hi Beth,

    Enjoyed browsing some of your posts and others replies. Although I have known about your website for sometime I have never visited it. I was searching for info on someone who it appears posted on your site back in 2014 and spend a few minutes reading some of your posts. I see the man I was looking for even posted something from my website. Anyways, keep up the good work for the time is near. The antichrist is here and will copy many of Christ’s first comings. A cashless society is upon us as well as the mark of the beast. As bad as things are now, they are nothing compared to the years that are coming. Peace and God’s blessings to you and your family and may the Light of the World (Jesus) continue to prepare you for those thing He planned for you to do at the beginning of the world.


    1. Thank you. As long as I’m able, I want to make and keep information available. In these times, it’s hard to say if our sites will be shut down sometime soon. I too, as well as others I know, agree that the end is very near. We must be alert to what’s going on and how it all fits into prophetic Scripture. We must ask Yeshua (Jesus) how and when we are to respond. Shalom.


  11. thank you for your effort on this interesting topic, and may all praise go to our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to know what will be the exact date for the feast of trumpet in 2021 because it is a fall feast?


  12. I have read your document on the time of impurity after a woman gives birth. Do you have an explanation for the fact that women are considered impure longer if they have a boy than if they have a girl? i woul dbe most grateful for help in understanding this.


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