Calendar of YHVH’s Moedim

Below is the calendar for the feasts of YHVH for the Eastern Time Zone in Richmond, Virginia. This is based on the proposed calendar found in the New Moon Series found under the tab “Teachings.”

In this calendar, the time of the astronomical conjunction is considered to be on “the day of conjunction.” The following day is considered to be “the day of the new crescent moon” — the first day of the month. Days are reckoned from sunset to sunset (evening to evening) based on Exodus 12:18 and Leviticus 23:32 .

There is no need to be concerned with when the conjunction takes place in Jerusalem because the conjunction takes place at the exact same time all over the earth. The thing you need to be concerned about is the time of sunset after conjunction. Please understand that because of time zone differences, some people be observing a day one day off from others. This is okay!

This calendar is different from the Hillel II calendar. The conjunctions, taken from the NASA Sky Calendar, are based on Kepler’s law of planetary motion (elliptical orbit) instead of the incorrect Ptolemaic model of epicycles, which is what the Hillel II calendar is based on. This is the reason Hillel’s conjunction days are either the same or a day or so off from the NASA dates.

This calendar is also based on the position of the sun in the constellations. The month of Nisan occurs when the sun is between 0-15 degrees of the first point of Aries by what would be Nisan 15th. The first point of Aries is now in Pisces because of precession of the equinoxes. Formerly, it was in Aries. Leap years for this calendar are determined by the sun’s position in the constellations. By this method, a leap year can be determined as early as Tishrei based upon the delay in the sun’s position in the constellations. In addition, the Hillel II calendar, whose calculated calendar is known to have a drift, can be a whole month off from this one. — sometimes the Hillel II calendar calls a leap year when this method does not and vice versa.

This calendar determined the new crescent moon in March 2019 to be the beginning of the Hebrew calendar. The Hillel II calendar delayed spring/aviv until April 2019. The March date was confirmed by the presence of aviv barley in Israel. This shows that when the sun is in its proper position, as described in the New Moon Series, the aviv barley will take care of itself.

The day of Firstfruits is always the first Sunday after Nisan 14th — the day that the seh (lamb or goat) would have been offered. This ensures that the day of Firstfruits always falls within the week of Unleavened Bread, which is typologically related to the seven days of creation and the seven millennia for God’s plan to be completely fulfilled — the salvation of His firstfruits and the time of peace and rest under Yeshua’s millennial reign.

Please see full teaching found in the New Moon Series under the menu tab “Teachings.”

Genesis 1:14-15, Psalms 104:19.

Keys for abbreviations:

ANM = Time of the astronomical New Moon or conjunction.

SS = Sunset; military time