Historical Pattern of the Future Part 2

Today we continue looking at the historical pattern of the future through the eyes of the past.  If we look carefully, we can see how it parallels with the original pattern I wrote about earlier.

  1. Babylon: King Nebuchadnezzar ruled over the exiles from Judah.
  2. Medo-Persia:  Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom was divided and given to the Medes (King Darius) and the Persians (King Cyrus).
  3. Ancient Greece: Alexander the Great was the next conqueror yet his territory was given to his 4 generals when he died.
  4. Divided Kingdom:  The Northern kingdom was  Assyria (Seleucids) and The Southern kingdom was  Egypt (Ptolemies).
  5. Northern Kingdom: The Seleucid Antiochus Epiphanes IV caused Jews to forsake Torah and commit idolatry.  Eventually he came to an end when Rome came to power. 
  6. Rome ruled during Jesus’ lifetime.
  7. Messiah’s Kingdom Established:  Jesus returned to the Father.  Christians survived persecution and Christianity began to spread throughout the region.
  8. Kingdom of Rome Divided:  Eastern Rome was known as the  Byzantine Empire from which the Arab Caliphate arose.  Western Rome gave rise to 10 Germanic Tribes.
  9. Crusaders from Western Rome briefly ruled over the East in Palestine in the midst of the Arabs.
  10. Christian believers were spread throughout the world.
  11. Adolf Hitler arose among the 10 Germanic tribes in the West and was responsible for the Holocaust.
  12. Daniel prophesied that the Leopard, Bear, and Lion’s lives would be prolonged for a time and a season. 
  13. Germany was defeated.  Hitler died.   Some of Hitler’s men were convicted and punished for war crimes.
  14. Only Jews returned to Israel; Israel became recognized as a nation in 1948.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes and Adolf Hitler seemed to fulfill the prophecy of the little horn and the 11th horn but they only give us a graphic picture of what is coming in the future. 

Come back next time to see how the future 3rd parallel of this pattern must unfold…

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