Timing of Christ’s Return

When anticipating Christ’s return, we need to bear in mind Daniel 9:25 which begins by saying, “Know therefore and understand…”

To do that we need to understand the significance of the fall feasts.  I’ve tried to understand the typology of the feasts because I believe God wants us to know, understand, and be ready for Christ’s return.  Many say the New Testament says we can’t know when Christ’s return will be.  If we read the Scriptures carefully, we’ll see that  Jesus will only come as a thief in the night to non-believers!!  Believers should be ready, waiting, and watching for His return. (Matt. 25:1-13, 2 Peter 3:10-18)

Daniel 12:10 says, “Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.”  Doesn’t this mean we should know when to expect the Lord to return?  I think it does.

The last shavuah (7 years) prior to Jesus’ return should have only 86 moons in order for the feasts to line up properly and fulfill the time prophecies.  The following 7 year spans have 86 moons:

  • 2011-2017 (2013 and 2015 have embolismic months)
  • 2014-2020 (2015 and 2018 have embolismic months)
  • 2016-2022 (2018 and 2021 have embolismic months)
  • 2019-2025 (2021 and 2023 have embolismic months)
  • 2022-2028 (2023 and 2026 have embolismic months)
  • 2024-2030 (2026 and 2029 have embolismic months)
  • 2025-2031 (2026 and 2029 have embolismic months)
  • 2027-2033 (2029 and 2032 have embolismic months)

The last shavuah should also end in a year of Jubilee (Lev. 25:8-55). The Jews did not always keep up with the timing of Jubilee.  To get an accurate time for Jubilee we need to go to the Bible.  When Jesus read Isaiah 61:1-2a in the synagogue in Nazareth, He said He had fulfilled this passage of Scripture as He read it (Luke 4:16-21). This passage is a description of Jubilee which occured every 50 years (49 years + 1 year).  In other words, Jesus announced the last Jubilee recorded in the Bible.  But wait, most people don’t realize what all of Isaiah 61:2 says: “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, And the day of vengeance of our God; To comfort all who mourn…” (NKJV)  The reason He didn’t finish the verse was because He is going to finish fulfilling the rest of verse 2 when He returns!

Jesus read this passage from Isaiah at the beginning of His ministry – right after His baptism and time of temptation.  This was probably in the fall of 28 C.E. because according to Luke 3:1-3, John the Baptist began his ministry in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign.  Tiberius Caesar’s reign began on the 19th of August in 14 C.E. so the 15th year was 28 C.E.  Jesus began his ministry later that same year.

If Jesus’ ministry began in 28 C.E around the Feast of Tabernacles and ended in 32 C.E at Passover, His ministry would’ve lasted 3 ½ years. Since Jesus announced Jubilee at the beginning of His ministry, the years September 2021 – September 2028 seem to be the most likely 7 year span for the 70th week of Daniel and the last 3 1/2 years being the tribulation.

If this speculation is correct (I’m not prophesying, just speculating.), that means:

  • A peace treaty may begin on the Day of Blowing (Feast of Trumpets) = September 7, 2021 (Tishrei 1, 5782).
  • April 8, 2025 (Nissan 10, 5785) is the time when the Passover Lamb is to be inspected and would be the time when final inspection of the False Prophet should take place as well.
  • An abomination of desolation should be set up or be in the process thereof around April 17, 2025 (Nissan 19, 5785) which is during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.
  • April 9, 2025 (Nisan 11, 5785) thru September 21, 2028 (Tishrei 1, 5789) will be 1260 days.
  • Jesus should return at the last trumpet (shofar) of the Feast of Trumpets (Day of Blowing) = September 21, 2028 (Tishrei 1, 5789).
  • Jubilee should take place on the Day of Atonements = September 30, 2028 (Tishrei 10, 5789).

If this is not correct, Jesus must still return in a year of Jubilee and world events must be fulfilling other aspects of prophecy. We’ll try to look at world history and current events to see where we are in another post.

Do not worry if Jesus seems delayed in coming. Don’t let it be an excuse for apostasy. Remember, there is an appointed day and time for everything. Keep looking for the fulfillment of prophecy to take place because Jesus won’t come until certain events take place. Remain faithful, watch, and be ready for Christ’s return in a year of Jubilee!

Remember, the wise will understand.  For more information on how the feasts of the Lord reveal the timing of Christ’s return, please see my post on the “Metonic Cycle.”


  1. hey man I like it. I’m off to write more articles and put your ideas to the test. After all, we always have something new to learn and being humble, I came here to learn. Bookmarked.

    – Andre


    1. If Yeshua returns on the Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah), the answer is no; October 10, 2924 is Tishrei 20, 6685. Have you read my post on the metonic cycle and the accompanying PowerPoint? Obviously, no one knows the exact year but this contains my speculations based on my understanding.



    …I have dreamed again, and behold, [this time not only] eleven stars [but also] the sun and the moon bowed down and did reverence to me! Ge 37:9

    On the 13th of March 2013, I had a dream.(Job 33:15, & Ac 2:17) and I saw the Sun (Ge 1:14 signs & years, Ps 84:11..God is a sun.) slowly changing its shape and its brightness became dim like a full moon in the centre of the Sun I saw the number 21(Lk 21:25). Which was very thin and it was increasing in number 22, 23, and 24. Then the sky turned dark and gloomy and scary just like before an upcoming storm. I saw visions of fallen lamp posts and torn down high tension wires.

    Initially the numbers 21 was increasing 22 23 24 just like a digital clock. But after the vision of the fallen lamp post and torn down high tension wires, the Sun began to be filled with a huge number 28. It was so vividly clear and it completely filled up the Sun.

    When this happened in my vision I heard with clarity, unique voices (Job 33:16) (similar to what you hear on stereo headphones) which I have never heard before saying, ‘JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING”. The voices are very unique and came to me as soon as I saw the number 28 filling up the Sun. These voices came from left & right. It from 3 or 4 people lined up in a row and the voices came one after the other in perfect sequence. And then I woke up from my sleep.
    Confirmed by my daily Bible reading

    I have the habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis using a yearly reading schedule. On that day (13.03.13) when got the dream from the Lord, the Bible reading was Mark 13:21-37

    In the Bible reading which was meant to be for that particular day, the message was specifically mentioning the Sun in the 24th verse and the coming of the Lord Jesus specifically mentioned in the 26th verse. When I realized this I felt strongly in my heart that there is a direct connection between my dream and the Bible verses. Still, I went ahead and seeked the Lord Jesus in prayer for a further understanding.

    Then I came to realize that there is a definite connection and meaning in the number 28 and with the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I came to understand that the number 21 and 28 is actually referring to the YEAR. It became clear to me that the number 28 cannot refer to months because there are just 12 months in a year and it cannot refer to a date because the Bible is clear that no one can know the day. I further noticed that there is a difference of 7 numbers between 21 and 28 which gave me the understanding of 7 years.

    According to 2 Cor 13:1 every matter must be established by 2 or 3 witnesses. Confirmation by other saints in Christ

    I prayed:
    Lord Jesus kindly show me at least 3 other highly respected man of God living a spiritual life right standing with God and with a deeper understand
    ding of the Word of God than myself who has similar revelation about the YEAR of the 2nd coming of Christ. Lord Jesus if I find such people with similar revelation then I will have a confirmation in my heart that this dream of mine is from you Lord.

    In my usual prayers I have never asked the Lord anything pertaining to the 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus or the Rapture. My usual prayer for guid ance from the Lord circulates about which Evangelical tracts or booklets to distribute in which area or town to WIN more SOULS for HIS KINGDOM.

    Six months after my dream when I was sitting on my computer table I had an urge to search Google and to type ‘Jesus is coming in 2028’. As I searched I found 7 man of God giving their calculations of His 2nd coming as the year 2028. As I read I was shocked because they mentioned the year 2021 & 2028.

    Here are the 7 search results from Google:
    The END is NEARER than you THINK!

    1) World Bible Society President Dr. F. Kenton Beshore believes the Second Coming will occur sometime between 2018 and 2028, or 70 to 80 years after 1948. Taking into account the seven-year Tribulation period, Beshore expects the rapture to occur sometime between now and 2021. [Read more visit the website below]
    World Bible Society President Says ‘Rapture’ Likely to Occur by 2021

    2) In June 2007, I was studying the Bible and I was shown the timing of Noah’s Flood. This understanding was so incredible that the next morning I began writing my first book “2028”
    As I wrote this book, I was shown the timing of Christ’s second coming. Not only was this timing uncovered, but I was also shown it many different ways that all came to the same time for this event the autumn of the year 2028 A.D.! [Read more visit the website below]
    Christ’s Return 2028 – Welcome To Webway Drive

    3) When will the Lord Jesus return? I personally don’t know the day or hour (Matthew 25:13). However, the Word instructs us to commemorate the death of Jesus (I Corinthians 11:23-26), not his birth. Therefore, my belief is that the rapture of the Church will occur somewhere around 2021 A.D. There will follow 7 years of tribulation. Then the “second coming” of Jesus will occur about 2028 A.D. [Read more visit the website below]
    The Twenty-first Century & Prophecy – Whole Person Counseling

    4) If Jesus’ ministry began in 28 C.E around the Feast of Tabernacles and ended in 32 C.E at Passover, His ministry would’ve lasted 3 ½ years. Since Jesus announced Jubilee at the beginning of His ministry, the years September 2021 – September 2028 seem to be the most likely 7 year span for the 70th week of Daniel and the last 3 1/2 years being the tribulation. [Read more visit the website below]
    Timing of Christ’s Return | Highway to Holiness

    5) ABSOLUTELY my friend! And they have been right there in plain sight for all to read in His Word for thousands of years, yet no one can decipher them for He alone knows them. Thus, only He can reveal them — which He does at His discretion and in His time —
    through people on Earth He deems prophets: “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He (first) REVEALETH His SECRET unto His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).
    [Read more visit: Undeniable Biblical Proof Book Website

    6) JUBILEE: 2028 AD When Will Yehovah and His Messiah Return? Or, when will
    “The Lord AND His Christ” Return these words have JUBILEE stamped all over them! This chapter provides several differing reasons to indicate that He will return on the next Jubilee year. Five prophetic countdowns appear to converge in 2028 AD.
    [Read more visit : http://www.everlastingkingdom.info/article/4/

    7) Ezekiel laid on his side for 430 days with each day representing a year of punishment for Israel. Seventy years were fulfilled in the first captivity that ended in 536 BC with the dedication of the second temple. There remained 360 years to fulfil the prophecy x 7 for Israel’s unbelief (lev 26:18, 26:21-28). 360 x 7 = 2520 biblical years of 360 days. This was fulfilled in 1948 when Israel was given possession of their land –The generation that saw the rebirth of the state of Israel did not rebuild the temple because of unbelief, so the final week of Daniel cannot begin until Israel takes that step of faith. Perhaps like in ancient Israel, only after the unbelieving generation over 20 years old dies off, will their children take that leap of faith and rebuild the temple. The people who were over 20 in 1948 should die off by 2028.
    [Read more visit the website below]
    When Will Jesus Christ Return? – A Realistic Date of The Second…

    This is my opinion

    If the revelation of the YEAR(21&28) is identical to the 7 man of God from Google search then the book of (Daniel 9:24) which talks about Rapture taking place in the 70th week brings me to realize that it’s possible that it is pointing towards the 7 years tribulation period (Daniel 9:27) that is between Rapture and the 2nd coming of Jesus (According to the Tamil Bible, CHOLL OVIYA VEDAKAMAM(page 1634) published by An Book, Tamil Nadu, India.)

    There are 3 understanding about the Rapture of the Church

    1. Pre Tribulation 2. Mid Tribulation 3. Post Tribulation

    I am not sure about you but I believe Rapture can take place anytime between now and 2021. The Scripture is clear about its warning to believers to be ready anytime. And I believe Rapture will take place before the Tribulation

    Why am I telling you all these

    But Joseph dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brothers [also]. Ge 37:9

    If the above message of the YEAR of the 2nd coming and the Rapture is true then it will enable those in Ministries to prepare the believers and to work out changes and priorities in our Christian life to pave the way for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Which means that we are going to live a very meaningful Christian life with the knowledge that we don’t have much time before the End time.

    If the Holy Spirit gives you peace and clarity in your heart when
    reading this message, specifically about the years mentioned then go ahead and pray about it, search the Word of God, and become doers of the Word of God which is below:

    ……for the marriage of the Lamb [at last] has come, and His bride has prepared herself. Rev 19:7
    His mother said to the servants, Whatever He says to you, do it. Jn 2:5

    If you don’t feel peace and clarity in your heart after reading this
    message, please forgive me and you may ignore this letter. And
    Please let me know about your opinion. Thank you very much. May God bless you and your ministry. Amen. And Amen.

    Yours Faithful
    Servant of Almighty GOD JEHOVAH

    Bro.Karunakaran Iruthayanathan
    (My nick name is Alfred) 07/03/2014

    To contact; 99a Vicarage Road, Oldbury, B68 8HU, West Midlands, UK
    E-mail; gttp12000@hotmail.com Tel: 01215720566


    1. I find it interesting that others are thinking of the same year I am for Yeshua’s return. I think the timing of Yeshua’s second coming is really dependent on whether or not the timing of Jubilee was really 28 C.E. It will also be dependent on current events fulfilling other prophecies. Perhaps it will between 2028 and 2031. There are other issues that I need to revisit that I haven’t had time for. I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture though. I tend to believe people will have to live through the tribulation at this point. We will have to wait and watch the future unfold. Most importantly, believers in Yeshua need to also be obeying God’s commandments because those who practice lawlessness will be turned away by Yeshua (Matthew 7:23).


  3. Hello.

    The 6000 years or 120 jubilees will end year 2028.


    Moses was 40 years in Pharaoh’s Palace — 40 years in his desert training — 40 years leading God’s people. After the 120 years the people entered into the Promised Land (The fullness of God). This pattern of years is underlined by the 120 priests being in BOTH temple dedications imply that the same 120 will be evident when the FULLNESS temple is dedicated.

    40 x 50 jubilees = 2000 years.

    2000 years from Adam to Abraham: 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus Christ; 2000 years from Jesus being the Seed to Jesus in all His Promised fullness . . . when He shows Himself in all His glory of achievement.
    A total of 6000 years. . . the 6 days accomplishment when God rests. This = the 120 jubilees (with 120 being the end of ALL flesh).


    The LAST TRUMPET will be the 120th. and will be sounded on the ‘Day of Atonement’ which is a central part of the ‘Feast of Tabernacles’ . . . which is available to whoever will come to Jesus on the Throne in the Holiest of All.
    This Jubilee trumpet is covered under a separate study.


    “The number 120 signifies the passing away of the “age of the flesh” and the beginning of the “age of the Spirit”.

    Each time you see the number 120 in the Bible, you will see how this “Definition” will apply and enhance your perception of what is taking place in that particular passage.


    “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years” Genesis 6:3
    Moses lived 120 and died just prior to the Hebrews entering in to “The Promised Land” Deut. 34:7
    120 Priests were with King Solomon when they brought the Ark of the Covenant up to Jerusalem. 2nd Chronicles 5:12
    120 were gathered in the upper room when to the Holy Spirit came upon them. Birth of the Church.
    The first Gentile Believer Cornelius who lived in Caesarea (which is 120 miles North of Jerusalem).
    PETRA is 120 SE of Jerusalem, Petra will be the hiding place in the Tribulation.
    120 members in the modern day Israeli Knesset who govern Israel.
    There are 120 Jubilees and then Jesus takes over.

    A Jubilee is a 50-year Jewish cycles that removed every man out of captivity & into his own land.
    120 of these Jubilees (50 years) = 6,000 years of man.

    Greetings from
    Torstein Langesaeter NORWAY


  4. Hi,
    I have never tried to work out the day of Jesus return, mainly because there are too many variables and too many people with genuine reasons for predicting a particular date of His return. Over the years, God has given me a particulars of a number number of National and International events, which have then taken place within a matter of months. I therefore have every reason to believe my revelation of the date of Jesus return which was given to me in early 2014. He revealed to me that His return would be in September 2029. There can be no day or hour given because the day and time varies so much around the World, but He does want us to know when His return will be. The Bible tells us that it will be as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. In all of these events, God told His people of the coming destruction in advance so they would be prepared to leave in time to avoid the calamity. Those of the population that had rejected God were left in the dark about what was going to happen. We of the Kingdom of God have a special place in the heart of God and He wants us to be prepared and to know that He is about to swoop us up from the dreadful things that have to happen here on Earth.
    I hope that this will help God’s people to focus in on the one date that God Himself has revealed and not on man’s endeavors to work it out.


    1. You know, as time goes by, knowledge increases. You may be right; recently I have been thinking my original thoughts may be off a bit after reading the Mystery of the Shemittah by Jonathan Cahn. If we are currently in the beginning of a Sabbatical year, the next one will be in 2021-2012, the one after that will be in 2028-2029. Who is to say that the year of Jubilee won’t begin around September 10, 2029? No one knows for certainty when Jubilee really is but this approximate time period seems more reasonable than the latter 2030s. Then again, I could be totally wrong and may be missing it by several years. Yeshua’s return can’t be in the immediate future because much still remains to be fulfilled before then; those things still require sufficient time to take place but it’s obvious we’re not too far away. In the meantime, we must be watching for prophecy to be fulfilled; in addition, we must be ready and be faithful. Eventually, the wise will understand.


  5. What you need to know is that Jonathon Cahn is a false prophet. If you would check the facts you would find out that He is telling you lies about the shmittah year. What Deut. 15:1 tells you is that the shmittah year occurs at the end of every “seven” years, not every “seventh” year, as Cahn would have you believe. Every seventh year is the “year” of release, not the “day” of release. The whole year is set aside as a time of release, not just one day, not just the last day. The “seventh” year terminology is used to define the 50th year of jubilee. At the end of 7 shmittahs, comes the year of jubilee. God’s word declares that the new months are determined by the sighting of the new moon, not some mathematical formula applied to Hillel’s system of calculating the molad and the new years. Incorporated into that system is a forbiddance to allow Pesach, and Yom Kippur from falling on certain days, therby altering when a new month can begin. If you would check the astronomical record of new moons, you would find that the 2 most recent crashes of the stock market (2001,2008) actually occurred on the Biblical 1st day of Tishrei, not on the 29th day of Elul, as he, being a Jewish rabbi would have you to believe. The one (crash) that is coming, he is going to be right on this point, is that the coming stock market crash of 2015, will not occur on SUNDAY Sept. 13,(Elul 29) but will occur on MONDAY Sept. 14, 2015, Tishrei 1. This means we are not now in the shmittah year now, but it will begin on Sept. 14, 2015. The next thing you need to know is that this coming shmittah is not the seventh, followed by the jubilee, but will actually be the sixth of the seven shmittahs, when it does come this fall. The 7th will be the year 2022/2023, which will make the Jubilee year to start on Yom Kippur, 2023.(This is when the jubilee trumpet actually sounds, tho the year has already begun.) Let me give you some supporting evidence. Jubilees only count when Israel is in the land. One gets easily blinded when they see the events of 1917 and 1967. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 only expressed the desire for a Jewish homeland. If you do your research, you will find that the League of Nations in 1923, ratified the British mandate for Palestine (it actually gave the Land to the British for a period of 25 years for the sole purpose of establishing a national homeland for the Jews.) On the last day of that mandate, on May 14, 1948, Israel was born. The last day of that mandate! That mandate was ratified in 1923, with immediate fashion, as soon as the Turks signed off on their treaty that ended their Turkish wars…
    on the 19th day of Tishrei, 1923. exactly 50 years later, Egypt and Syria gathered against Israel (with Satan’s guiding hand) to destroy and annihilate her on the 10th of Tishrei, at the ending of the day, yes the Yom Kippur War began on that day. Why? Because the devil knew that the Jubilee trumpet was probably going to sound on that day, and all, I repeat, the remaining ungathered elect, (actually the devil only thought it was about to happen) were to be gathered back to Israel that day, and he would get a head start on completely eliminating the children of Israel that day. Yes the devil thought Armageddon was about to take place. Yes, the jubilee trumpet did sound on that day, tho it was only thought to have been a call to battle…read the account of the Yom Kippur War, how Israel held back from striking first on that day, as Egypt and Syria had crossed into Israeli land marching to war in 1973, until the end of the day of atonement when the scriptures say the jubilee trumpet is to be sounded. Yes the battle of Armageddon will be for real the next time the Jubilee trumpet sounds…in 2023. And, yes the final 7 years will begin in 2016. But not with a signing of a peace treaty, but will begin when the sacrifices resume on the temple mount on Oct. 2, 2016. God will confirm his covenant with Israel at that time, when he will fulfill the final week of the 70 week prophecy, to do all that he has said in Dan. 9:24. Get ready, tribulation is coming!


  6. Hi,

    Daniels 70 weeks.

    The first coming:
    Jesus was born near the 7th month
    Zachariah was in the course of Abia (the eighth course – the week before Pentecost) 9 months later is the first month

    6 months later Mary got pregnant with Jesus, which means Jesus is born near or in the seventh month.

    He confirms the acceptable year of the Lord (this day in your ears it has been fulfilled) when preaching in Nazareth, and and also fulfilling the prophesy of Eliyah regarding the 3 1/2 years (the length of His ministry).

    We know He died on Passover – 3 1/2 years = near the seventh month (His Baptism).

    So Daniels prophecy:
    483 years from the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem. (The commandment gone forth near the 7th month of 458BC) We read in Ezra in the 7th year of Artaxerxes.. which was 457BC, they were already prepared to leave for Jerusalem to restore the temple in the first month of Nissan, so the commandment went forth nearly 6 months earlier to give them time to prepare to leave.

    So 458 BC + 483 years = 25 AD (as Jesus began to be about 30 years of age = His Baptism) After His baptism John says to some of His disciples, that Jesus is the Messiah.
    There will be 69 weeks (483 years) till the Messiah the Prince

    Herod died in 4 BC

    25 AD – 30 years = 4BC, In other words Jesus can not be born any date later than this.

    25 AD (seventh month) + 3 1/2 year (for His ministry) = 29 AD (Passover)

    Why is this date important?

    In His crucifixion week, He leaves Jerusalem desolate.

    Matt 23:37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!” – in 29AD

    Hosea 6 says that he will raise them up again after 2 days (2 days = 2000 years as per 2 Pet 3)
    in the 3rd day we will live in His sight. Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

    So 29 AD + 2000 Years = 2029 AD just before Passover, so the Jews remaining in Jerusalem after the Tribulation = 144000, will have one Passover without sacrificing the animals and therefore, is the firstfruits (the day after the Passover) as per Rev 14:4 ..being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

    So Regarding Daniel 9 for the second coming:
    There could be two commandments one for the restore of Jerusalem (restoring of the temple) till the Messiah: 7 weeks (shavouts)
    and the other to build Jerusalem till the Messiah: 62 weeks (shavouts)

    Both ending on the same date. 2029AD

    So Jerusalem is been build again since 1967 + 62 = 2029
    Restoration of the temple and also the final week for the covenant 2022 + 7 = 2029

    Daniel 11 says that the antichrist will set his heart against the Holy covenant (Israel should be allowed to have their place of worship – The Jewish temple on the mount) and thus half way he breaks this covenant in 2025 (1st day of Tishri = 23 Sept 2025), The Abomination of Desolation,

    Have you ever wondered why (The day that no man knows the day or hour = 1st day of Tishri) the pretrib rapture is pushed so hard.?

    Look what Joel 2 says: It is when your Great Tribulation starts…

    Joel 2:15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:

    Blow the trumpet = 1st day of the seventh month (Blowing of Trumpets – warning against the antichrist- Abomination of Desolation)
    sanctify a fast = 10th day of the seventh month (Atonement)
    solemn assembly = 15 day of the month. (Tabernacles – they need to flee to the mountains)

    Then they have to flee (same as per Matt 24)

    and then in Joel 2:32- And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call. (That is the 144000)

    So after Jesus left Jerusalem desolate Matt 23:37: Jesus says this….
    For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

    1st day of Tishri = 23 Sept 2025 -1260 days = 10th Day of Nissan 2022 (selection of the false messiah / lamb, four days before Passover)

    1st day of Tishri = 23 Sept 2025 +1260 days = 6 March 2029 and is 3 1/2 days after Purim (the handing out of presents = same when the two witnesses dies in Revelation, the sign of Jonah) this is when the 42 months for antichrist rule is over. It is the day of the Resurrection of the two witnesses. (Glory to our God in Heaven)

    1st day of Tishri = 23 Sept 2025 + 1290 days = 18 April 2029 = Last day of Passover (Sign of Jesus and the mystery is over, cleansing of the Temple, 144000 at Zion, no more animal sacrifices for EVER, What a Holy Day, Babylon Has Fallen…)

    18 April 2029 – 2300 days (Daniel 8) = 19 December 2022 (1st day of Hanukkah = the dedication of the temple)

    1st day of Tishri = 23 Sept 2025 +1335 days = 20 May 2029 = Pentecost, 2000 years after the giving of the Holy Spirit and the start of the 5th day of Genesis 1 (and referenced in Eze 47:9) , The giving of the Living Waters (the Holy Spirit) (Acts 2: The Proclamation, These are the LAST DAYS = start of the last 2000 years before the Rest of GOD. The 1000 year reign of Christ).
    20 May 2029 = Pentecost ending the last day of the 6000 years, The Resurrection of the dead and the “Rapture”,

    This is backed-up by:

    Luke 12:38 And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. (Said just before Passover 29AD)

    Psalm 90:4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

    So the WATCH in the Night counts in 1000 years. Jesus is saying we don’t know if it will be at the end of 2000 years or the start of the next 1000 years. (2029AD – from Passover onward)

    So you know the day of the Lord (Armageddon : Rev 16:14-16) Comes like a thief in the night – which is connected to His coming, therefor I say unto you WATCH, if you have known the Hour you would have WATCHED. Therefor I say unto you, you don’t know the hour.

    When we are created in our own image (the same look that we have now or same looking body), and in His Image (Jesus is the image of the Father), the spiritual body or resurrected body. So we can all be one man in Jesus, He the Head and we are the body. = The 6th Day of Gen.

    for: It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed


  7. World as we know it ends in 2020 that’s the first rapture and the 2 coming of Jesus the year 2028 is the 3 coming of Jesus and the second rapture yes theirs more than 1 rapture and 3 comings of Jesus only two more left 2020 2028 people will be here to see some bad things God takes them in 2020 right before the warth of God in 2021 Jesus told me world ends in 2020 God showed me the year 2028


  8. Since Yahusha announced Jubilee at the beginning of His ministry, the years September 2021 seems to be the most accurate time for His return.3 and a Half years later.Yahusha’s Ministry lasted 3 years correct?I am taking septyember 23rd 2017 as the Last Jubilee.add 3 and a half years and takes us to 2021.42 months.Trumpets 2017 markes the beginning of The GT.We also know the Jubileee takes 1 year to take full effect.so leviticus 25:30 clearle tells us the lenght and timing for a jubilee to be complete.IF I repeat IF 2017 is the correct jubilee the 120th then 2018 september 10th the jubilee is complete.something can happen this trumpets, but I am assuming 2021 is the End.the Man of Perdition has been rvealed a Fake image of the messiah. An Image The antichrist always was an Image AKA jesus H Christ the replacement of the real Messiah Yahusha Ha Mashiach.not the same.


    1. What date are you using for the beginning of Yeshua’s ministry? How are you sure that date is correct? How are you beginning each count of 49 (and 50) for Jubilees? The count does not restart after 50. Think of the parallel with the days of the week repeating with the 8th day always being a 1st day of the week. Jubilees is always the 1st of a 49 year period. Who do you think the Man of Perdition is? Why? If we are repeating a historical cycle, we are probably only at the point of Cyrus the Great and much more needs to take place. We still need to get to parallel for Antiochus Epiphanes IV. It is progressing quicker than the past parallel.


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