Keys to End Time Prophecy

Daniel holds many keys to end time prophecy.

If you study Daniel you will notice that a progression takes place throughout the book which shows the rise and fall of the empires of the Antichrist.  Each vision builds upon the previous.

Daniel 2 — Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a statue: 

  • Head = Babylon
  • Chest and Arms = Medo-Persia
  • Belly and Thighs = Ancient Greece
  • Legs = Western and Eastern Rome
  • Feet = Antichrist

Daniel 7 — Vision of 4 beasts:

  • Babylon = Lion with eagle’s wings
  • Medo-Persia = Bear with 3 ribs
  • Ancient Greece = Leopard
  • Rome = 10 horned beast
  • Antichrist = Little horn (11th horn)­ ­­­– The description here seems to describe Adolf Hitler who arose out of 10 Germanic Tribes and caused a horrible holocaust yet there will be someone worse than him in the future.

Daniel 8 — Vision of a ram and a goat:

  • Medo-Peria = Ram with 2 horns
  • Ancient Greece = Goat with 1 horn that became 4 horns
  • Antichrist = King with fierce features rises out of 1 of the 4

Daniel 11 and 12 — Antiochus Epiphanes IV eventually arose from Assyria.

  • Antiochus seemed to be the Seleucids’ Willful King of the North of Daniel 11:21.
  • In Matthew 24:15, Jesus indicated Antiochus’ abomination of desolation was not the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy of Daniel 11:31 and 12:11.  There must be another.

The beasts of Revelation also show a progression and have thematic similarities with the beasts of Daniel:

  • The Beast of the Sea (Leopard-Bear-Lion Beast) is related to the beasts of Daniel 7 and the goat of Daniel 8.  The mouth of the lion is related to the mouth of the little horn.  He will come from somewhere in the Middle East–most likely from Nineveh near Mosul, Iraq which was formerly part of Assyrian territory (Nahum 1:11).  In Isaiah 14, he is also known as the king of Babylon and in Ezekiel 28:2, he is known as the prince of Tyre.  It is possible that the little horn or mouth of the lion is Isa, the Islamic Jesus.
  • The two-horned Beast of the Earth (one of the horns is the False Prophet) is related to the two-horned ram of Daniel 8.  If Isa is the False Prophet, it’s possible that al-Mahdi is the second horn.
  • The Scarlet Beast with seven heads and ten horns is the same as the ten-horned fourth beast of Daniel 7.  This beast may head up a revived Islamic Caliphate.
  • The Harlot Babylon the Great will mostly likely arise from Western Europe (formerly the Western leg of Rome) in the form of the New World Order.
  • Initially the Harlot rides the Scarlet Beast but eventually the Scarlet Beast will destroy Babylon the Great which will break into 3 parts.

Keep your eyes and ears focused on world events to see how the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation will unfold in our lifetime.  There has been talk of forming a New World Order and reviving the Caliphate for several years.  We are closer than ever to the possibility of all the end time prophecies being accomplished within the next 10-20 years.

If you are not familiar with eschatology, now would be a good time to start studying it so you can avoid the Great Apostasy and be ready for Christ’s return.


  1. I wrote a novel about Antiochus returning as a New Age messiah who could be the Antichrist, and used the two visions of the Beast from Daniel and Revelation to drive the plot. Since you study eschatology, you might be interested:


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