The Highway of Holiness

So what is this highway of holiness anyway?  It’s first mentioned in Isaiah 11:16 as the road for the remnant of God’s people coming out of Asshur.  At this point in time, it’s a road for the remnant of God’s people that come out of exile whether it is from Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, or where you are right now.  In other words, it’s the road you are supposed to travel on once you experience God’s salvation.  It’s the road for the mixed multitude of Jews and Gentiles that are headed to the Promised Land.

Unfortunately those who get started on this highway are much like Pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress who takes detours on sidepaths like those mentioned in Jeremiah 18:15.  Jeremiah refers to the Highway of Holiness as the ancient paths.  The ancient paths are those connected to our faith.  In Isaiah 40 it’s a road that is cleared and prepared in order for the Lord to come to His people.  John the Baptist prepared the way of the Lord by calling those around him to repent — to return to the ancient path of Torah.  That’s what repentance really is.

As the time of the Messiah’s coming approaches, we need to prepare ourselves first through repentance and second by finding the ancient path of Torah that Constantine and others before us have attempted to abolish.  This path is overgrown with the weeds of various doctrines and dispensations.

What will happen when we find this Highway and attempt to walk on it?  Those around you will probably think you’ve lost your mind.  Do not fear or be dismayed.  Ask your friends and family to join you in seeking truth.  Don’t just take my words for it.  God wants you to be a Berean –to study Scripture to find out if what I say is really truth or not.

If you test your long-held doctrines and beliefs like a Berean and found some of them to be in error, what would you do?  Would you hang on to them anyway for fear and for the sake of tradition or would you be willing to cast them aside in order to embrace truth and the blessings God has in store for you?

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