Carol B.

Beth has been a vital part on my congregation for many years. In my opinion, she is a top rate Biblical scholar! I have seen her in “action”. Her passion for truth and understanding is seen by her zeal in continuing her Scriptural knowledge through such areas as becoming knowledgeable of the Hebrew language, searching for various repeating patterns within the Scriptures, and following the Holy Spirit’s lead. I personally have been doing my best to keep Torah while dearly holding Yeshua as my personal savior for over 40 years. Still, when I listen to Beth explain her insight to diverse Biblical areas, I feel like a brand new student in that part of my understanding. Beth has not only learned Biblical truths through prayer and study, but she has had to apply these Scriptural truths to many demanding challenges that have come to her in life’s experiences. Through this process, I believe she has grown in patience, maturity, and faith. Biblical research and studies are essential, but living it out in one’s personal life’s is key. Beth is doing this. It is a privilege to call her a dear friend. I highly respect her, and I plan to continue to check out her website to see where else YHVH is leading her.